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Teacher Stamps

Shop fun feedback and grading stamps for teachers! At, we have a large selection of rubber teacher stampers that are sure to speed up grading and feedback tasks! Our standout designs will inspire and delight students with messaging like "super work" and "superstar"!

Teacher Stampers | Grading & Teaching Stamps

Self-inking teacher stamps are perfect for all levels of education. Our collection of rubber teacher stamps are designed to help you with all of your classroom tasks from grading papers to encouraging your brightest pupils! Our teaching stamps offer you a great way to encourage your students, acknowledge your hardest workers, and quickly grade all assignments. Make teaching fun with these cute self ink teacher stamps!

Our teacher stampers come in several designs for grading and feedback. Find parent signature required stamps for improved communication with parents, feedback stamps for grading, missing name stamps and other stamps that help teachers get messages across to their students!

Personalized & Custom Classroom Stamps

Create a personalized "from the desk of" stamp with your name! We have scholastic teacher stamper designs with apples, owls and books for your classroom library and/or your desk. Our self-inking stamps for teachers are among our top selling products! We make each custom teaching stamp with care, experience and fast shipping!

Some of our most popular teacher stamp designs include:

  • Teacher Grading Stamps for making your grading process faster, easier and more efficient
  • Teacher Motivational Stamps for motivating students and promoting student success
  • Teacher Feedback Stamps for providing valuable feedback and important assignment notes
  • Teacher Assignment Stamps for making your mark on student tests, quizzes, homework and all types of assignments
  • Library Stamps for keeping track of all of the books in your classroom library