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Self-Inking Rubber Stamps

Self-inking stamps make daily business tasks easy and efficient! Choose from our selection of self-inking stamps, customizable with your company logo, original design or personalized text. Self-inking stamps come with an ink pad inside the body, and when you press down, the rubber dye makes contact with the ink pad.

Quality Self-Inking Rubber Stamps

Make your repetitive tasks easier with a custom self-inking stamp.

Self-inking rubber stamps are ideal for businesses and other work spaces that require repeated, repetitive imprints, like authorizing piles of documents with a custom signature stamp, addressing batches of envelopes with a self-inking address stamp, grading piles of papers with our rubber grading stamps, and many more! offers the highest quality self-inking rubber stamps in a variety of sizes and shapes, in addition to offering a variety of ink colors for every need.

FAQs About Self-Inking Stamps

  • Q. What is a self-inking stamp?
    A. Self-inking stamps are rubber stamp models that contain an ink pad inside of the stamp body. This stamp type does not need to be manually re-inked for every impression, making it ideal for rapid and frequent stamping.
  • Q. Can self-inking stamps be refilled?
    A. Yes, you can refresh the ink inside of your self-inking stamp by getting a replacement ink pad, or adding ink to your existing ink pad with bottled ink. Check out our ink selection for options!
  • Q. How much is a self-inking stamp?
    A. At, we have a large selection of self-inking stamp models that come in a variety of prices to fit every budget. Our custom self-inking stamp models start as low as $17.95!
  • Q. How long do self-inking stamps last?
    A. Self-inking stamps are built to last and can last for thousands of impressions before needing to be re-inked!

To learn more about re-inking and changing the ink pad on self-inking stamps, check out our how-to guide on re-inking your custom self-inking stamp.