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Custom Pre-Inked Stamps

Pre-inked stamps are great for producing high-quality and intricate impressions. Choose from's selection of customizable pre-inked stamp options. Pre-inked stamp bodies include a pre-soaked ink pad and they're ideal for very detailed designs, but self-inkers are best for fast, repeated use. Orders ship next business day!

Professional Pre-Inked Stamps

Get the best quality in your design with our selection of pre-inked stamps.

Choose your stamp based on your personal or business needs. Pre-Inked stamps produce high-quality impressions that pick up on intricate details in your chosen design. These stamps are made with the ink already placed into the stamp body. Your impression is made by ink permeating through the specialized rubber. Each time you stamp with a pre-inked model, you should make sure to hold down for a few seconds and give it some time between stamping to let the ink refill the dye.