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Proofs can be requested during checkout by using the Comments box. This is located on the last checkout page. Proofs may result in a delay in order processing. Rest assured that we will not produce your stamp until you have given your final approval.
Nearly every order is able to be shipped the business day following your order placement. The actual delivery time will depend on the method of shipping you choose at checkout.
In a self-inking stamp, the ink pad works with the die to leave an impression, then retracts back into the stamp body. With a pre-inked stamp, the ink is inside of the stamp, so the only time you’ll see your stamp’s ink is when it’s already on your surface. A pre-inked stamp is also a lot quieter than a self-inking stamp, and it comes with a stamp cap so your ink doesn’t dry up over time. Pre-inked stamps are recommended for the best detail and will last much longer before needing to be re-inked. 
A traditional hand stamp (wooden handle) along with a separate ink pad of Supermarking Ink is recommended.
A stamp leaves a flat ink impression on paper. An embosser crimps the paper to leave an impression and does not use ink.