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Notary Embossers

Shop custom notary seal embossers at Our selection of notary public embossers are designed to meet the official state requirements and recommendations for your certification. Find your state seal and add your personalized information in a few simple steps. All of our notary seals are hand-assembled and shipped out fast from one of our US facilities.

Notary Embossers | Official Seal Embossers for Notary Publics

Shop professionally crafted notary seal embossers at Our high-quality collection of notary embossers includes state-approved designs to help you complete all of your official duties. Quickly and efficiently notarize documents with a crisp official seal. Select your state and add your official info, then we'll customize your order and ship it out fast!

FAQs About Our Notary Seal Embossers

  • Q. What is the difference between a notary stamp and seal?
    A. An notary embosser creates textured, raised notary seal impressions while a notary stamp creates flat ink impressions. Check your state's requirements to learn more about whether a notary stamp or embossed seal is required.
  • Q. Can I add ink to my official notary seal impression?
    A. Seal impression inkers add ink to embossed impressions for easy visibility and creating photo copies.
  • Q. How do I customize my notary seal embosser?
    A. At, customizing your notary seal is easy. Simply pick your embosser from our Notary Embossers collection, then add your custom text and info before placing your order.
  • Q. Do I need an embosser to notarize documents?
    A. Notary embossers are an essential tool for Notary Publics in many states. Check your local requirements for more information on requirements and to find out whether a stamped seal or an embossed seal is required.
  • Q. Is my notary seal embosser portable?
    A. Most of our notary seal embossers are available as small pocket-sized handheld embossers that are easy to transport anywhere your official duties take you.