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Personalized Embossers & Seals

Our custom embossers are made by hand here in the USA. They are designed to give crisp, lasting impressions on envelopes, stationery, greeting cards, books, and most all paper stocks. To learn more about official seals and embossed seals, read our All About Official Seals Guide.

Custom Embossers & Seals

Our custom embossers and paper embossing seals are perfect for leaving eye-catching, raised impressions all sorts of papers and documents. A personal embosser is a great tool to have on your office desk or in your home office. Our quality embossers are perfect for personal and professional use. Whether you're embossing impressions on official documents and certificates at work, embossing your personal collection of books, or looking to spread brand awareness with a custom logo embosser, our custom paper embossers will leave an impressive seal on papers, envelopes, stationery, and most lightweight or medium papers and documents.

FAQ About Seals and Embossers

  • Q. What is an embosser seal?
    A. An embosser is the tool that you use to leave a raised impression of your official seal on paper. The word seal and embosser is often used interchangeably, but they are different things.
  • Q. What is a stamp seal?
    A. A stamp seal is the tool you use to leave an inked impression of your official seal on paper.
  • Q. What are foil seals for?
    A. Foil seals or embossing foil stickers, are used to leave an embossed impression of your seal. Foil seals are available in gold and silver, and add an additional touch of professionalism to documents or letters. These are not required, but are an optional add on with your embosser.
  • Q. Can I order a seal as a stamp?
    A. Yes. Your official seal, which is the emblem of your organization, can be ordered as an inked stamper or an embosser.
  • Q. Why do I have to choose an embossing angle for my personal embosser?
    A. Different seals, monograms or emblems are often left on different corners or sides of a document. The direction you emboss from is often determined on what design you will be embossing. Read here for more information about embosser direction.

Shop our wide selection of seal and paper embosser options with sizes ranging from pocket embossers to long reach large embossers. Customize your order with your own design or information to make a one of a kind professional, school, book or wedding embosser.

Give your embossed seals an elegant look with our silver or gold embossing seals, perfect for adding that extra special touch to certificates of achievement, diplomas, and more!

To find out more about ordering your custom embosser, check out our instructional guide on Embosser Ordering & Help.