Small Business Shipping Guide

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Small business shipping can be an expensive and time-consuming process. At, we create premium rubber stamps to make all of your daily and repetitive tasks easier and more efficient.

Here’s our all-in-one guide to shipping for small businesses, with helpful hints and tips about cutting shipping costs, building your brand and creating a simple, streamlined shipping process:

Building Your Brand

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Create professional, high-quality packaging on a budget. Our premium logo stamps are customized with your small business logo to help you add inexpensive branding to all of your outgoing packages, products and parcels.

Our custom logo stamps are available in three convenient stamp types to help you make the most out of each impression:

  • Wooden Logo Stamps provide a traditional stamping experience and allow you to easily switch your ink color with different ink pads.
  • Self-Inking Logo Stamps are ideal for repetitive and quick stamping, allowing you to stamp multiple outgoing packages and envelopes with ease.
  • Pre-Inked Logo Stamps create detailed impressions for intricate logos and designs.

To learn more about our custom stamp types and which is right for your small business shipping processes, read our Stamp Type Benefits & Differences Guide.

Simplified Shipping & Signing Off

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Signing off on packaging slips and shipping papers can cost valuable time and effort. Simplify your small business paperwork with a custom signature stamp.’s line of signature stamps save you the hassle of signing each individual shipping document and invoice. Choose from signature stamp designs featuring the date and custom text, or order a classic signature or initial stamp.

Sign off on packaging slips, invoices and order papers with a contactless custom signature. Simply pick your stamp, upload a clear image of your signature, place your order and we’ll take care of the rest! Your custom signature stamp will be personalized and shipped straight to you.

Quick & Easy Addressing

custom line and logo stamp on envelope
Ensure that all of your small business shipments are properly and accurately addressed. Customize a line stamp with your current business and shipping address to avoid handwriting your return address or ordering expensive address labels.

Our custom line stamps are easy to customize and produce crisp impressions for a clear, easy-to-read return address. Choose from simple three and four line custom line stamps, or add some extra branding to every order with custom logo and text stamp options.

Custom line and address stamps are a useful tool for more than just your small business shipping. Add your address to letters, stationery, important business documents and more with a single stamp!

Personalized Packaging

let's stay in touch custom stamp on shipping box
Add an extra touch of personality and small business branding to all of your outgoing orders. Custom stock stamps that provide additional information or a special message can add an extra touch that customers are sure to appreciate.

Here are some of our favorite small business packaging ideas:

  • Stamp extra business information like your website address and social media handles to the outside of your product packages and shipments to spread the word about your small business.
  • Stamp a custom “Handmade By” message on your outgoing orders to add an authentic and handcrafted touch
  • Add a Made in the USA stock stamp to your packages to let your customers know they are supporting American jobs and small businesses.

Small Business Stamp of Quality & Approval

thank you stamp on shipping envelope
Make sure that all of your small business shipments are up to your standards. Rubber stamps provide a quick and simple way to perform quality checks and make sure that every package that leaves your small business has been checked for quality and approved for shipment.

Add an Approved Stamp to any ready-to-ship packages, or give your stamp of approval with a “Thank You” message to your customers!

Pro Tip: Take your quality checks to the next level with stamps that ensure your orders arrive safely and on time. Place a Fragile Stamp on delicate items that should be handled with care or add an Express Stamp to any rushed shipments.

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Whether you’re looking to create branded packaging with your logo or you need an easy way to keep all of your small business shipping documents up-to-date, we’ve got you covered. is your one-stop shop for all of your small business branding and shipping needs. With over 50 years of rubber stamp experience, we create top-of-the-line stamps that are built to last and leave crisp, clean impressions every time.

Want to streamline your shipping process with rubber stamps? Shop all of our custom and pre-designed stock stamps for small businesses to get started. Your stamp order will be processed, assembled with care and shipped out from one of our US facilities fast so you can start stamping ASAP.

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