How to Re-ink Your Self-Inking Stamp

Self-inking stamps provide a convenient solution for quick stamping and clear impressions. Each self-inking stamp has an ink pad built into the stamp body so there’s no need to re-ink between impressions.

Each time you use your self-inking stamp, the rubber stamp makes contact with the internal ink pad to create a clear, well-inked and even impression. provides a wide variety of high-quality and custom self-inking rubber stamps that can create thousands of crisp impressions before running low on ink.

Once your rubber stamp impressions begin to appear lighter or uneven, that means it’s time to re-ink. There are two ways to re-ink a self-inking stamp: replace the ink pad with a new one or refill your current ink pad with fresh ink.

Each method is a simple and easy-to-follow process that only takes about 5 minutes. Here’s’s go-to instructional guide on ways to re-ink your self-inking stamp:

Re-inking Your Self-Inking Stamp’s Ink Pad

To refill the ink in your existing stamp pad, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your self-inking stamp
  • A bottle of the appropriate stamp refill ink
  • Optional paper towels or wax paper to cover and protect your work area
  • A spare piece of paper

Once you have all of your supplies, refilling your stamp ink pad can be completed in five simple steps:


  1. Flip your stamp upside down and ensure it’s in a locked position.
  1. Firmly grasp the two tabs on the stamp pad and remove it from the stamp body.

  1. Carefully put 3 to 4 drops of ink into the stamp pad. Space out the drops across the ink pad for an even distribution. Let the ink soak in for a few seconds before continuing.
  2. Once there is no more pooling ink on top of the stamp pad and the ink pad is fully saturated, reinsert the stamp pad into the stamp body.

  1. Push the stamp down and unlock it, then test out your freshly inked stamp on a piece of spare paper to ensure that it’s working properly.

Replacing Your Self-Inking Stamp’s Ink Pad

Fully replacing your self-inking stamp’s ink pad is a very similar process to refilling it with fresh ink. All you will need is:

  • Your self-inking stamp
  • A new ink pad (make sure this is the correct ink pad for your stamp model)
  • Optional paper towels or wax paper to cover and protect your work area
  • A spare piece of scrap paper

Once you’ve got everything you need, replacing your stamp ink pad is simple and quick:


  1. Flip your stamp upside down into a locked position.

  1. Remove the ink pad on your stamp by holding down the two tabs on the side of the stamp body and pulling out the ink pad cartridge.
  2. Remove your new ink pad’s wrapping and ink cover so that the ink is exposed.
  1. Insert the new ink pad and unlock your stamp by gently pressing down.

  1. Test out your new ink pad by creating some stamp imprints on a spare piece of paper.

One of the benefits of completely replacing your stamp ink pad rather than just refilling it with fresh ink is that you can purchase ink pads in a variety of different colors. Each time you replace your self-inking stamp ink pad, you can switch things up and change the impression color.

Whether you are re-inking your existing stamp pad or replacing it with a new one, it’s important to have the right supplies. Different inks and stamp pads are specifically built to work with certain self-inking stamp models. Check which type of stamp model your self-inking stamp is before purchasing any ink or replacement pads. offers a variety of different ink colors and ink replacement pad options so that you can stock up on all of the ink and self-inking stamp accessories that you might need.

It’s important to keep your self-inking stamps well-inked and well taken care of so that they are always ready to use. If you have any questions about refilling or replacing your self-inking stamp pad, our customer service team is here to help.

The rubber stamp experts at are proud to be your go-to source for self-inking, pre-inked and wood handle stamps as well as rubber stamp ink and accessories. Don’t let running low on ink stop you from stamping. Shop our selection of self-inking stamp ink bottles and ink pads for affordable and high-quality ink replacement options!

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