Pre-inked, Self-inking and Wooden Stamp Types: Key Benefits & Differences is proud to be your go-to source for rubber stamps. Whether you could use some extra help addressing mail, signing important documents, adding your logo to marketing materials or simply adding efficiency to everyday business tasks, there’s a rubber stamp that can help! 

There are a variety of stamp options and types available, and at we have a large selection to choose from. Once you’ve narrowed down what type of imprint you would like your stamp to make, the next important step is choosing a stamp type. offers three high-quality stamp type options:

  • Pre-inked stamps
  • Self-inking stamps
  • Wood Handle stamps

Choosing the right stamp type is an important part of the custom stamp buying process. Each individual type offers a different result and has its own unique benefits. To help you find the stamp type that’s right for you, here is a guide outlining out the key differences and benefits of stamp models

Stamp Types and Benefits:

Pre-Inked Stamps

Pre-inked stamps are made with ink inside of the stamp body. Each individual impression is made by ink saturating through specialized rubber, so these stamps require a little extra time to refill between each impression. Imprints from pre-inked stamps provide the best result when the stamp is held down for a few seconds each time, so they are not recommended for quick, repetitive stamping.’s selection of pre-inked stamps provide clear results and crisp impressions. This stamp type is ideal for people looking for the highest quality impression possible, especially with intricate and detailed stamp designs. Each impression from a pre-inked stamp is heavily-inked and even, making it a great solution for people looking to stamp company logos or detailed designs. 

Pre-Inked Stamp Features

  • Produces sharp, high-quality images
  • Long-lasting stamps can provide thousands of impressions before re-inking
  • Requires steady and slower stamping process
  • Includes compact mount with cover for easy storage
  • Easy ink refill process
  • Ideal for intricate designs and logos

Self-Inking Stamps

Self-inking stamps tend to be the most popular type of stamp model available at for their convenience and easy-to-use process. Self-inking stamp models have an ink pad built into the stamp body. Each time an impression is made the rubber stamp makes contact with the ink pad, providing quick and clear results. 

Self-inking stamp impressions are quick to create and don’t rely on your hand pressure like other stamp models.’s collection of self-inking stamps make repetitive tasks easy. This type of stamp body is a great solution for businesses, teachers and other work environments where quick, repeated tasks are common. 

Self-Inking Stamp Features

  • Produces quick and clear impressions
  • Durable stamp body
  • Easy ink refill
  • Cost-effective stamping option
  • Ideal for repetitive stamping in large quantities

Pocket Stamps

Pocket stamps are a type of self-inking stamp built on a smaller scale. offers a wide variety of pocket stamp options including signature stamps and custom line stamps. This type of pocket-sized self-inking stamp creates an impression the same way that a standard self-inking stamp does but the physical stamp body is smaller for easy transportation. Pocket stamps are the perfect solution for busy professionals on the go, who might need a portable stamp option available when they are out of the office or in the field. 

Pocket Stamp Features

  •  A smaller variation of a standard self-inking stamp
  • Offers convenience and ease-of-use of self-inking stamps on a smaller scale
  • Portable and ideal for on-the-go stamping

Wood Handle Stamps

Wood handle stamps are a type of non-inked stamp that require a separate purchase of an ink pad. This type of stamp requires a manual re-inking with an ink pad before each impression to produce the best results. 

Wood handle stamps produce a traditional stamp impression that can vary each time, depending on the pressure applied and variations in ink application. These types of stamps produce the most variety in the results, adding character to each impression. offers wooden handle stamps in two different model types, traditional hand stamps and European hand stamps. 

  • Traditional Hand Stamp

    Traditional Hand Stamps have a classic hand-held stamp body with a wooden handle. 

  • European Hand Stamps are a stylish variation of traditional hand stamps that are hand-carved in Europe and offer a different appearance. 

Wood Handle stamps are ideal for fans of traditional stamping methods with varied impression results and a classic stamp body appearance. 

Wood Handle Stamp Features

  • European Hand Stamp

    Non-inked, requires the additional purchase of an ink pad

  • Classic and traditional appearance
  • Ability to switch ink colors between impressions
  • Individual impressions vary depending on hand pressure and inking process

Which stamp type is best for me?

The best way to find the right stamp type for you is to think about its intended use. How you’ll be using your rubber stamp determines the stamp body that is best to get the job done.

  • For those who are looking to create clean and crisp identical impressions of intricate designs and logos, a pre-inked stamp is most likely the best solution. 
  • For busy professionals with repeated tasks like stamping signatures or dates, self-inking stamps are the best fit. 
  • And, lastly, wood handle stamps are best for those who prefer a traditional stamping experience and who appreciate classic impressions.

At, we strive to provide our customers with a wide variety of stamp options. A lot of the stamps that we offer are available for purchase as each of these three primary stamp body options, so your choices are not limited. To make your custom stamp ordering process easier, you can shop by template (i.e. address stamps, library stamps,  etc.), by shape (square, round or rectangular) or by stamp type (self-inking, pre-inked, pocket or wood handle). 

Whether you’re looking to simplify your everyday tasks or to create one-of-a-kind crisp impressions, there’s a custom rubber stamp that can help. The stamp experts at are happy to help you find your ideal stamping solution. If you have any questions about our stamp body types or you need help deciding which stamp is right for you, our customer service team is here to help.

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