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Embossers create an easy way to elevate your professional documents and take your paper correspondences to the next level. CustomStamps.com offers a large collection of high-quality embossers that are made with our customers in mind. With so many options and specifications to choose from, embosser ordering can be overwhelming. We’ve put together this guide to answer all of your common embosser questions and to make your ordering process easier.

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What is an embosser?
What are embossers used for?
What are the different types of embossers?
What are the different sizes of embossers?
What is embosser orientation?
How long is the reach of my embosser?
What type of paper do I need to use with my embosser?
Can I separately order an insert for my embosser?
Do I need any extra supplies to use my embosser?

What is an embosser?

An embosser is a useful tool that is used to create raised impressions on paper. Rather than using ink or dye to create an impression like a stamp does, embossers use plates to create indentations for an impression that is visual and tactile. 

At CustomStamps.com, our embossers use high-quality Delrin plastic plates to leave colorless, raised impressions of your design. 

What are embossers used for?

Embossers have a variety of uses and can come in handy for both professional and personal projects. Here are just some of ways that you can use a custom embosser:

  • Corporate Seals: Corporations often use embossers to mark official business documents and correspondences with their official seal or logo.
  • Notary Embossers: Notary Publics are often required to authorize notarized documents with an official seal. CustomStamps.com offers a selection of professional Notary Public embossers with seals that are made to meet state specifications and requirements.
  • Embossed Certificates: Official awards and certificates are often endorsed with a gold or silver embossed imprint. 
  • Church Seals: Many churches use embossers with an official seal to mark stationery or any type of document from the congregation. 
  • Embossed Envelopes: Many people use embossers as a way to personalize and add a special touch to the flap on the back of an envelope. Adding a simple but elegant raised impression of your name or return address onto an envelope is an easy way to elevate your mail. 
  • Monogram Embossers: Monogram seals are a way to add a personalized detail to just about any card, craft or document and are often used for customizing stationery.
  • Library Embossers: Library embossers are often used for personalizing books. Both librarians and bibliophiles can benefit from embossing books with their personal information for an added level of customization, and to prevent lost and misplaced books.
  • Custom Seals: The possibilities for the use of a custom seal are endless! By personalizing your seal with your own custom logo, information or design, you can use your embosser to create raised impressions on documents and correspondences of all kinds!

What are the different types of embossers?

Pocket Embosser

At CustomStamps.com we offer four primary types of embossers: pocket embossers, desk embossers, long-reach heavy duty embossers and classic embossers.

  • Pocket embossers are smaller in size and are great for professionals on the go who need to emboss and authorize documents in the field. 
  • Desk embossers are larger than pocket embossers and are a great solution for personal or professional embossing at home or in the
    Desk Embosser

    office. These embossers are not hand-held like pocket embossers, they are made to sit stationary on a desk or flat counter. 

  • Long-reach heavy duty embossers are made to extend further than standard embossers, leaving an impression further away from the edge of your paper and more towards the center. These embossers are a heavy
    Classic Gold Embosser

    duty type of desk embosser and are not meant for on-the-go work like pocket embossers. 

  • Classic embossers: CustomStamps.com offers two styles of classic embossers, gold classic desk seals and chrome classic desk seals. These models are a type of desk embosser that offer the practicality of a standard desk embosser but also double as a stunning desk decor piece with a gold or chrome finish.

What are different embosser sizes?

CustomStamps.com’s “embosser size” options refer to impression sizes. Most of the embossers we offer (excluding long-reach heavy duty embossers) are available in a 1.625” round size option. If you are looking to make a bigger impression, many of our embossers are also available in a 2” round size option, but this larger size excludes the gold classic and silver classic desk seal embosser types. 

What is embosser orientation?

The orientation of an embosser is the intended direction of the imprint. CustomStamps.com has an “emboss from” option on all embosser product orders to ensure that your embosser is assembled properly for it’s intended use. 

  • Bottom: Bottom embosser orientation is the most commonly ordered option at CustomStamps.com. A bottom orientation is useful for leaving an imprint on the flap of an envelope or at the bottom of a piece of paper. Bottom embosser orientation is particularly useful for professionals who need to create an impression at the bottom of a page, near an official signature. 
  • Left: Left embosser orientation is for creating impressions from the left side of a paper. This orientation is not common but useful for imprinting return addresses on stationery or invitations, or for creating left-side impressions on programs and other various documents/ handouts. 
  • Right: Ride embosser orientation is used to create impressions on the right side of paper. This orientation comes in handy for embossing pages of a book or other bound documents. 
  • Top: Top embosser orientation is for creating impressions at the top of a page. This orientation is useful for creating impressions for letterheads or monograms at the top of stationery or  important documents. 

How long is the reach of my embosser? 

CustomStamps.com’s standard embossers reach up to 1” from the edge of a sheet of paper. If you want to make impressions that are further inwards on a page, most of our 2” embosser seals are also available as long-reach embossers. 

What type of paper do I need to use with my embosser?

Trying to emboss on paper that is too thin or fragile might cause tears or rips instead of your desired imprint. On the other hand, trying to emboss on paper that is too thick for your embosser can cause a shallow or not very visible imprint. CustomStamps.com’s standard embossers are made for use on 20 lb. standard paper or stationery. Try to stick to this specific paper weight to ensure a clear and crisp impression every time! 

Can I separately order an insert for my embosser?

At CustomStamps.com our embossers are currently sold as a single unit. With recent upgrades to our selection of high-quality embosser models, not all inserts fit into both our new embosser styles and our original embosser styles.  To avoid sizing issues, we currently do not sell individual embosser inserts, but we hope to in the near future. 

Do I need any extra supplies to use my embosser?

CustomStamps.com’s embosser ordering provides the option for two additional add-ons to your order. 

Embossing Foils: If you are looking to add some prestige and an extra touch to your embossed documents, CustomStamps.com has gold foil and silver foil stickers available for purchase. Foil stickers are not a necessity and you do not need them to create high-quality impressions, they are simply an add-on option for those looking to create elegant and stand-out impressions on certificates and official documents. 

Seal Impression Inkers: Impression inkers are also an optional add-on available to you when you place a CustomStamps.com embosser order. Inkers are useful for applying black ink to your embossed impressions, making sure that your impressions are visible, even in photocopies! 

When you order a personalized embosser from CustomStamps.com, you will receive everything you need to start creating raised impressions! All you will need to additionally provide is your own 20 lb. standard paper or stationery. You do not need to order any extra supplies unless you would like to take your impressions to the next level with one of our optional add-ons. 

What type of embosser you buy and what add-ons you choose is up to you and your preference. CustomStamps.com has a wide selection of embosser options so you can find the right embosser for your needs. Check out our entire collection of high-quality embosser templates or create your own impression design with a one-of-a-kind custom embosser.

CustomStamps.com is proud to be your go-to resource for personalized embossers. 99% of our orders ship next business day so you can start embossing ASAP. If you need any further help placing your order, our customer service team is here to help.

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