Signature Stamp Ordering & FAQs

If you have a lot of documents to sign and your busy schedule doesn’t allow time to sign each one, signature stamps are a convenient solution that save time and energy.

At, you’re sure to find the signature stamp that’s right for you. We offer a large selection of signature stamp options, including variations that feature the date or custom text.

Signatures are an important form of authorization so there are a lot of questions regarding using a stamp rather than manually signing important documents. We’ve put together this guide to help you learn everything you need to know before placing your custom signature stamp order:

What are signature stamps?

A signature stamp is a personalized stamp that includes an individual’s facsimile signature for quick signing and document authorization. 

Different signature stamp styles act to serve different purposes. No matter what type of daily business tasks you need to perform, there’s a signature stamp that’s perfect for simplifying your workload. Different signature stamps can feature the date, custom lines of text or helpful phrases like, “scanned”, “received” or “paid”. 

What are the different types of signature stamps?

Signature stamps are also available with various stamp bodies including self-inking, pre-inked, wood handle and pocket stamp styles. Each one of these stamp body formats are available with the similar impression options, so the type of signature stamp you choose is up to your preference. 

  • Self-inking stamps are the most popular type of signature stamp because they are affordable and have a stamp ink pad built into the stamp body for quick and easy repeated use. 
  • Pre-inked signature stamps can be more expensive but are a great option for people who have very detailed or intricate signatures. 
  • Wood handle stamps are a great option for people who are looking for a traditional, classic appearance and who don’t mind using an ink pad in between creating signature impressions. 
  • Pocket Stamps  the perfect option for creating signature impressions on the go. These pocket-sized self-inking signature stamps are a small and easy-to-use option for professionals who spend a lot of time out of the office.

Are signature stamps legal?

Rules and regulations regarding the use of signature stamps as an accurate form of authorization can vary. The general consensus is that the use of a signature stamp is permitted and legal as long as it is used as intended by an authorized user and validated by the signature owner.¹ This means that for the most part you can use your signature stamp and it has the same effect as if you had manually signed the document. 

However, it’s important to remember that this isn’t always the case. There are some situations where your signature stamp may not be an approved method of authorization. Always follow best practices and if you aren’t sure about using your signature stamp for things like signing checks or legal documents, look up the official standards and rules for the individual types of documents that you are signing. 

What are the benefits of using a signature stamp?

There are many benefits to using a signature stamp for both business and personal use. Here are some of the main reasons for purchasing a signature stamp of your own:

  • Signing documents made easy: signature stamps allow for quick, easy and efficient document signing.
  • Avoiding ambiguity: the crisp and clear impression of your signature will remain consistent each time you use your stamp.
  • Accessibility: signature stamps make it easy for those who are physically disabled to sign important papers and documents.
  • Safety and cleanliness: social distancing standards and staying safe involve limiting contact (that includes contact with potentially contaminated objects like other people’s pens). Signature stamps help prevent the spread of germs by allowing you to use your own tools while still remaining professional.

Are there any cons to using a signature stamp?

When it comes to purchasing your signature stamp, there are a couple of important things to keep in mind. 

  • Is it legal?: As previously mentioned, there are some circumstances where your signature stamp may not qualify as an authorized signature.
  • Signature stamps can fall into the wrong hands: there is an increased chance of fraud if your signature stamp gets stolen.

The main things to be aware of after you purchase a signature stamp are: (1) if you are unsure, double-check that a stamp is an approved method of signing for your documents, and (2) keep your stamp in a secure location. Only allow access to authorized/trustworthy individuals. 

How can I turn my signature into a stamp?

Getting your own signature stamp is easy and can be done in five simple steps:

  1. You’ll need a completely blank sheet of white paper with no lines or markings.
  2. Use a felt tip pen to sign the paper clearly three times. Each signature must be at least 1” in length.
  3. Select the type of signature stamp you would like from
  4. Scan your signed paper into your computer. To ensure that your stamp provides a crisp and clear signature impression, make sure you choose a high-resolution scan. Save the file as a .cdr, .jpg, .png, .jpeg, or a .pdf.
  5. Upload your signature file into the stamp product page of your choice and place your order.

99% of our orders ship the next business day so your signature stamp will be ready to use in no time! If you have any issues or need help creating your signature stamp, our customer service team is here to help. 

How can I customize my signature stamp?

Most of the signature stamp options at have further customization options. You can select an impression size that closely resembles the size of your average signature for accuracy and consistency. You can also customize some of our signature stamps by choosing from a variety of ink color options. 

*When selecting an ink color option, be sure to keep in mind the intended use of your stamp. Some legal and business documents might require a signature in blue or black ink.

How can I take care of my signature stamp?

Rubber stamp care is important for prolonging the life of your new personalized signature stamp. Store your stamp in a secure, dry, room-temperature space that is free from excessive amounts of dust and debris. 

When it comes time to clean your signature stamp, gently rinse it under warm water then carefully wipe it clean.

To make sure your custom rubber stamp keeps providing clear and crisp signature impressions, be sure to stock up on the appropriate type of ink replacement. Check out’s selection of stamp resources to find all of the refill ink and ink replacement pads you need for your signature stamp. specializes in providing stamps that make your daily tasks more efficient. From Trodat dater signature stamps to simple pocket signature stamps to initial only signature stamps, there’s a signature stamp that can help you simplify the way you sign. Shop our entire selection of signature stamps to get started.


¹ Legal Issues Regarding Signature Stamps


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