How to Re-ink Your Self-Inking Stamp

Self-inking stamps provide a convenient solution for quick stamping and clear impressions. Each self-inking stamp has an ink pad built into the stamp body so there’s no need to re-ink between impressions.

Each time you use your self-inking stamp, the rubber stamp makes contact with the internal ink pad to create a clear, well-inked and even impression. provides a wide variety of high-quality and custom self-inking rubber stamps that can create thousands of crisp impressions before running low on ink.

Once your rubber stamp impressions begin to appear lighter or uneven, that means it’s time to re-ink. There are two ways to re-ink a self-inking stamp: replace the ink pad with a new one or refill your current ink pad with fresh ink.

Each method is a simple and easy-to-follow process that only takes about 5 minutes. Here’s’s go-to instructional guide on ways to re-ink your self-inking stamp:

Re-inking Your Self-Inking Stamp’s Ink Pad

To refill the ink in your existing stamp pad, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your self-inking stamp
  • A bottle of the appropriate stamp refill ink
  • Optional paper towels or wax paper to cover and protect your work area
  • A spare piece of paper

Once you have all of your supplies, refilling your stamp ink pad can be completed in five simple steps:


  1. Flip your stamp upside down and ensure it’s in a locked position.
  1. Firmly grasp the two tabs on the stamp pad and remove it from the stamp body.

  1. Carefully put 3 to 4 drops of ink into the stamp pad. Space out the drops across the ink pad for an even distribution. Let the ink soak in for a few seconds before continuing.
  2. Once there is no more pooling ink on top of the stamp pad and the ink pad is fully saturated, reinsert the stamp pad into the stamp body.

  1. Push the stamp down and unlock it, then test out your freshly inked stamp on a piece of spare paper to ensure that it’s working properly.

Replacing Your Self-Inking Stamp’s Ink Pad

Fully replacing your self-inking stamp’s ink pad is a very similar process to refilling it with fresh ink. All you will need is:

  • Your self-inking stamp
  • A new ink pad (make sure this is the correct ink pad for your stamp model)
  • Optional paper towels or wax paper to cover and protect your work area
  • A spare piece of scrap paper

Once you’ve got everything you need, replacing your stamp ink pad is simple and quick:


  1. Flip your stamp upside down into a locked position.

  1. Remove the ink pad on your stamp by holding down the two tabs on the side of the stamp body and pulling out the ink pad cartridge.
  2. Remove your new ink pad’s wrapping and ink cover so that the ink is exposed.
  1. Insert the new ink pad and unlock your stamp by gently pressing down.

  1. Test out your new ink pad by creating some stamp imprints on a spare piece of paper.

One of the benefits of completely replacing your stamp ink pad rather than just refilling it with fresh ink is that you can purchase ink pads in a variety of different colors. Each time you replace your self-inking stamp ink pad, you can switch things up and change the impression color.

Whether you are re-inking your existing stamp pad or replacing it with a new one, it’s important to have the right supplies. Different inks and stamp pads are specifically built to work with certain self-inking stamp models. Check which type of stamp model your self-inking stamp is before purchasing any ink or replacement pads. offers a variety of different ink colors and ink replacement pad options so that you can stock up on all of the ink and self-inking stamp accessories that you might need.

It’s important to keep your self-inking stamps well-inked and well taken care of so that they are always ready to use. If you have any questions about refilling or replacing your self-inking stamp pad, our customer service team is here to help.

The rubber stamp experts at are proud to be your go-to source for self-inking, pre-inked and wood handle stamps as well as rubber stamp ink and accessories. Don’t let running low on ink stop you from stamping. Shop our selection of self-inking stamp ink bottles and ink pads for affordable and high-quality ink replacement options!

Pre-inked, Self-inking and Wooden Stamp Types: Key Benefits & Differences is proud to be your go-to source for rubber stamps. Whether you could use some extra help addressing mail, signing important documents, adding your logo to marketing materials or simply adding efficiency to everyday business tasks, there’s a rubber stamp that can help! 

There are a variety of stamp options and types available, and at we have a large selection to choose from. Once you’ve narrowed down what type of imprint you would like your stamp to make, the next important step is choosing a stamp type. offers three high-quality stamp type options:

  • Pre-inked stamps
  • Self-inking stamps
  • Wood Handle stamps

Choosing the right stamp type is an important part of the custom stamp buying process. Each individual type offers a different result and has its own unique benefits. To help you find the stamp type that’s right for you, here is a guide outlining out the key differences and benefits of stamp models

Stamp Types and Benefits:

Pre-Inked Stamps

Pre-inked stamps are made with ink inside of the stamp body. Each individual impression is made by ink saturating through specialized rubber, so these stamps require a little extra time to refill between each impression. Imprints from pre-inked stamps provide the best result when the stamp is held down for a few seconds each time, so they are not recommended for quick, repetitive stamping.’s selection of pre-inked stamps provide clear results and crisp impressions. This stamp type is ideal for people looking for the highest quality impression possible, especially with intricate and detailed stamp designs. Each impression from a pre-inked stamp is heavily-inked and even, making it a great solution for people looking to stamp company logos or detailed designs. 

Pre-Inked Stamp Features

  • Produces sharp, high-quality images
  • Long-lasting stamps can provide thousands of impressions before re-inking
  • Requires steady and slower stamping process
  • Includes compact mount with cover for easy storage
  • Easy ink refill process
  • Ideal for intricate designs and logos

Self-Inking Stamps

Self-inking stamps tend to be the most popular type of stamp model available at for their convenience and easy-to-use process. Self-inking stamp models have an ink pad built into the stamp body. Each time an impression is made the rubber stamp makes contact with the ink pad, providing quick and clear results. 

Self-inking stamp impressions are quick to create and don’t rely on your hand pressure like other stamp models.’s collection of self-inking stamps make repetitive tasks easy. This type of stamp body is a great solution for businesses, teachers and other work environments where quick, repeated tasks are common. 

Self-Inking Stamp Features

  • Produces quick and clear impressions
  • Durable stamp body
  • Easy ink refill
  • Cost-effective stamping option
  • Ideal for repetitive stamping in large quantities

Pocket Stamps

Pocket stamps are a type of self-inking stamp built on a smaller scale. offers a wide variety of pocket stamp options including signature stamps and custom line stamps. This type of pocket-sized self-inking stamp creates an impression the same way that a standard self-inking stamp does but the physical stamp body is smaller for easy transportation. Pocket stamps are the perfect solution for busy professionals on the go, who might need a portable stamp option available when they are out of the office or in the field. 

Pocket Stamp Features

  •  A smaller variation of a standard self-inking stamp
  • Offers convenience and ease-of-use of self-inking stamps on a smaller scale
  • Portable and ideal for on-the-go stamping

Wood Handle Stamps

Wood handle stamps are a type of non-inked stamp that require a separate purchase of an ink pad. This type of stamp requires a manual re-inking with an ink pad before each impression to produce the best results. 

Wood handle stamps produce a traditional stamp impression that can vary each time, depending on the pressure applied and variations in ink application. These types of stamps produce the most variety in the results, adding character to each impression. offers wooden handle stamps in two different model types, traditional hand stamps and European hand stamps. 

  • Traditional Hand Stamp

    Traditional Hand Stamps have a classic hand-held stamp body with a wooden handle. 

  • European Hand Stamps are a stylish variation of traditional hand stamps that are hand-carved in Europe and offer a different appearance. 

Wood Handle stamps are ideal for fans of traditional stamping methods with varied impression results and a classic stamp body appearance. 

Wood Handle Stamp Features

  • European Hand Stamp

    Non-inked, requires the additional purchase of an ink pad

  • Classic and traditional appearance
  • Ability to switch ink colors between impressions
  • Individual impressions vary depending on hand pressure and inking process

Which stamp type is best for me?

The best way to find the right stamp type for you is to think about its intended use. How you’ll be using your rubber stamp determines the stamp body that is best to get the job done.

  • For those who are looking to create clean and crisp identical impressions of intricate designs and logos, a pre-inked stamp is most likely the best solution. 
  • For busy professionals with repeated tasks like stamping signatures or dates, self-inking stamps are the best fit. 
  • And, lastly, wood handle stamps are best for those who prefer a traditional stamping experience and who appreciate classic impressions.

At, we strive to provide our customers with a wide variety of stamp options. A lot of the stamps that we offer are available for purchase as each of these three primary stamp body options, so your choices are not limited. To make your custom stamp ordering process easier, you can shop by template (i.e. address stamps, library stamps,  etc.), by shape (square, round or rectangular) or by stamp type (self-inking, pre-inked, pocket or wood handle). 

Whether you’re looking to simplify your everyday tasks or to create one-of-a-kind crisp impressions, there’s a custom rubber stamp that can help. The stamp experts at are happy to help you find your ideal stamping solution. If you have any questions about our stamp body types or you need help deciding which stamp is right for you, our customer service team is here to help.

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Signature Stamp Ordering & FAQs

Embosser Ordering and Help

Embosser Ordering and Help

Embossers create an easy way to elevate your professional documents and take your paper correspondences to the next level. offers a large collection of high-quality embossers that are made with our customers in mind. With so many options and specifications to choose from, embosser ordering can be overwhelming. We’ve put together this guide to answer all of your common embosser questions and to make your ordering process easier.

Table of Contents
What is an embosser?
What are embossers used for?
What are the different types of embossers?
What are the different sizes of embossers?
What is embosser orientation?
How long is the reach of my embosser?
What type of paper do I need to use with my embosser?
Can I separately order an insert for my embosser?
Do I need any extra supplies to use my embosser?

What is an embosser?

An embosser is a useful tool that is used to create raised impressions on paper. Rather than using ink or dye to create an impression like a stamp does, embossers use plates to create indentations for an impression that is visual and tactile. 

At, our embossers use high-quality Delrin plastic plates to leave colorless, raised impressions of your design. 

What are embossers used for?

Embossers have a variety of uses and can come in handy for both professional and personal projects. Here are just some of ways that you can use a custom embosser:

  • Corporate Seals: Corporations often use embossers to mark official business documents and correspondences with their official seal or logo.
  • Notary Embossers: Notary Publics are often required to authorize notarized documents with an official seal. offers a selection of professional Notary Public embossers with seals that are made to meet state specifications and requirements.
  • Embossed Certificates: Official awards and certificates are often endorsed with a gold or silver embossed imprint. 
  • Church Seals: Many churches use embossers with an official seal to mark stationery or any type of document from the congregation. 
  • Embossed Envelopes: Many people use embossers as a way to personalize and add a special touch to the flap on the back of an envelope. Adding a simple but elegant raised impression of your name or return address onto an envelope is an easy way to elevate your mail. 
  • Monogram Embossers: Monogram seals are a way to add a personalized detail to just about any card, craft or document and are often used for customizing stationery.
  • Library Embossers: Library embossers are often used for personalizing books. Both librarians and bibliophiles can benefit from embossing books with their personal information for an added level of customization, and to prevent lost and misplaced books.
  • Custom Seals: The possibilities for the use of a custom seal are endless! By personalizing your seal with your own custom logo, information or design, you can use your embosser to create raised impressions on documents and correspondences of all kinds!

What are the different types of embossers?

Pocket Embosser

At we offer four primary types of embossers: pocket embossers, desk embossers, long-reach heavy duty embossers and classic embossers.

  • Pocket embossers are smaller in size and are great for professionals on the go who need to emboss and authorize documents in the field. 
  • Desk embossers are larger than pocket embossers and are a great solution for personal or professional embossing at home or in the
    Desk Embosser

    office. These embossers are not hand-held like pocket embossers, they are made to sit stationary on a desk or flat counter. 

  • Long-reach heavy duty embossers are made to extend further than standard embossers, leaving an impression further away from the edge of your paper and more towards the center. These embossers are a heavy
    Classic Gold Embosser

    duty type of desk embosser and are not meant for on-the-go work like pocket embossers. 

  • Classic embossers: offers two styles of classic embossers, gold classic desk seals and chrome classic desk seals. These models are a type of desk embosser that offer the practicality of a standard desk embosser but also double as a stunning desk decor piece with a gold or chrome finish.

What are different embosser sizes?’s “embosser size” options refer to impression sizes. Most of the embossers we offer (excluding long-reach heavy duty embossers) are available in a 1.625” round size option. If you are looking to make a bigger impression, many of our embossers are also available in a 2” round size option, but this larger size excludes the gold classic and silver classic desk seal embosser types. 

What is embosser orientation?

The orientation of an embosser is the intended direction of the imprint. has an “emboss from” option on all embosser product orders to ensure that your embosser is assembled properly for it’s intended use. 

  • Bottom: Bottom embosser orientation is the most commonly ordered option at A bottom orientation is useful for leaving an imprint on the flap of an envelope or at the bottom of a piece of paper. Bottom embosser orientation is particularly useful for professionals who need to create an impression at the bottom of a page, near an official signature. 
  • Left: Left embosser orientation is for creating impressions from the left side of a paper. This orientation is not common but useful for imprinting return addresses on stationery or invitations, or for creating left-side impressions on programs and other various documents/ handouts. 
  • Right: Ride embosser orientation is used to create impressions on the right side of paper. This orientation comes in handy for embossing pages of a book or other bound documents. 
  • Top: Top embosser orientation is for creating impressions at the top of a page. This orientation is useful for creating impressions for letterheads or monograms at the top of stationery or  important documents. 

How long is the reach of my embosser?’s standard embossers reach up to 1” from the edge of a sheet of paper. If you want to make impressions that are further inwards on a page, most of our 2” embosser seals are also available as long-reach embossers. 

What type of paper do I need to use with my embosser?

Trying to emboss on paper that is too thin or fragile might cause tears or rips instead of your desired imprint. On the other hand, trying to emboss on paper that is too thick for your embosser can cause a shallow or not very visible imprint.’s standard embossers are made for use on 20 lb. standard paper or stationery. Try to stick to this specific paper weight to ensure a clear and crisp impression every time! 

Can I separately order an insert for my embosser?

At our embossers are currently sold as a single unit. With recent upgrades to our selection of high-quality embosser models, not all inserts fit into both our new embosser styles and our original embosser styles.  To avoid sizing issues, we currently do not sell individual embosser inserts, but we hope to in the near future. 

Do I need any extra supplies to use my embosser?’s embosser ordering provides the option for two additional add-ons to your order. 

Embossing Foils: If you are looking to add some prestige and an extra touch to your embossed documents, has gold foil and silver foil stickers available for purchase. Foil stickers are not a necessity and you do not need them to create high-quality impressions, they are simply an add-on option for those looking to create elegant and stand-out impressions on certificates and official documents. 

Seal Impression Inkers: Impression inkers are also an optional add-on available to you when you place a embosser order. Inkers are useful for applying black ink to your embossed impressions, making sure that your impressions are visible, even in photocopies! 

When you order a personalized embosser from, you will receive everything you need to start creating raised impressions! All you will need to additionally provide is your own 20 lb. standard paper or stationery. You do not need to order any extra supplies unless you would like to take your impressions to the next level with one of our optional add-ons. 

What type of embosser you buy and what add-ons you choose is up to you and your preference. has a wide selection of embosser options so you can find the right embosser for your needs. Check out our entire collection of high-quality embosser templates or create your own impression design with a one-of-a-kind custom embosser. is proud to be your go-to resource for personalized embossers. 99% of our orders ship next business day so you can start embossing ASAP. If you need any further help placing your order, our customer service team is here to help.

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Signature Stamp Ordering & FAQs

Signature Stamp Ordering & FAQs

If you have a lot of documents to sign and your busy schedule doesn’t allow time to sign each one, signature stamps are a convenient solution that save time and energy.

At, you’re sure to find the signature stamp that’s right for you. We offer a large selection of signature stamp options, including variations that feature the date or custom text.

Signatures are an important form of authorization so there are a lot of questions regarding using a stamp rather than manually signing important documents. We’ve put together this guide to help you learn everything you need to know before placing your custom signature stamp order:

What are signature stamps?

A signature stamp is a personalized stamp that includes an individual’s facsimile signature for quick signing and document authorization. 

Different signature stamp styles act to serve different purposes. No matter what type of daily business tasks you need to perform, there’s a signature stamp that’s perfect for simplifying your workload. Different signature stamps can feature the date, custom lines of text or helpful phrases like, “scanned”, “received” or “paid”. 

What are the different types of signature stamps?

Signature stamps are also available with various stamp bodies including self-inking, pre-inked, wood handle and pocket stamp styles. Each one of these stamp body formats are available with the similar impression options, so the type of signature stamp you choose is up to your preference. 

  • Self-inking stamps are the most popular type of signature stamp because they are affordable and have a stamp ink pad built into the stamp body for quick and easy repeated use. 
  • Pre-inked signature stamps can be more expensive but are a great option for people who have very detailed or intricate signatures. 
  • Wood handle stamps are a great option for people who are looking for a traditional, classic appearance and who don’t mind using an ink pad in between creating signature impressions. 
  • Pocket Stamps  the perfect option for creating signature impressions on the go. These pocket-sized self-inking signature stamps are a small and easy-to-use option for professionals who spend a lot of time out of the office.

Are signature stamps legal?

Rules and regulations regarding the use of signature stamps as an accurate form of authorization can vary. The general consensus is that the use of a signature stamp is permitted and legal as long as it is used as intended by an authorized user and validated by the signature owner.¹ This means that for the most part you can use your signature stamp and it has the same effect as if you had manually signed the document. 

However, it’s important to remember that this isn’t always the case. There are some situations where your signature stamp may not be an approved method of authorization. Always follow best practices and if you aren’t sure about using your signature stamp for things like signing checks or legal documents, look up the official standards and rules for the individual types of documents that you are signing. 

What are the benefits of using a signature stamp?

There are many benefits to using a signature stamp for both business and personal use. Here are some of the main reasons for purchasing a signature stamp of your own:

  • Signing documents made easy: signature stamps allow for quick, easy and efficient document signing.
  • Avoiding ambiguity: the crisp and clear impression of your signature will remain consistent each time you use your stamp.
  • Accessibility: signature stamps make it easy for those who are physically disabled to sign important papers and documents.
  • Safety and cleanliness: social distancing standards and staying safe involve limiting contact (that includes contact with potentially contaminated objects like other people’s pens). Signature stamps help prevent the spread of germs by allowing you to use your own tools while still remaining professional.

Are there any cons to using a signature stamp?

When it comes to purchasing your signature stamp, there are a couple of important things to keep in mind. 

  • Is it legal?: As previously mentioned, there are some circumstances where your signature stamp may not qualify as an authorized signature.
  • Signature stamps can fall into the wrong hands: there is an increased chance of fraud if your signature stamp gets stolen.

The main things to be aware of after you purchase a signature stamp are: (1) if you are unsure, double-check that a stamp is an approved method of signing for your documents, and (2) keep your stamp in a secure location. Only allow access to authorized/trustworthy individuals. 

How can I turn my signature into a stamp?

Getting your own signature stamp is easy and can be done in five simple steps:

  1. You’ll need a completely blank sheet of white paper with no lines or markings.
  2. Use a felt tip pen to sign the paper clearly three times. Each signature must be at least 1” in length.
  3. Select the type of signature stamp you would like from
  4. Scan your signed paper into your computer. To ensure that your stamp provides a crisp and clear signature impression, make sure you choose a high-resolution scan. Save the file as a .cdr, .jpg, .png, .jpeg, or a .pdf.
  5. Upload your signature file into the stamp product page of your choice and place your order.

99% of our orders ship the next business day so your signature stamp will be ready to use in no time! If you have any issues or need help creating your signature stamp, our customer service team is here to help. 

How can I customize my signature stamp?

Most of the signature stamp options at have further customization options. You can select an impression size that closely resembles the size of your average signature for accuracy and consistency. You can also customize some of our signature stamps by choosing from a variety of ink color options. 

*When selecting an ink color option, be sure to keep in mind the intended use of your stamp. Some legal and business documents might require a signature in blue or black ink.

How can I take care of my signature stamp?

Rubber stamp care is important for prolonging the life of your new personalized signature stamp. Store your stamp in a secure, dry, room-temperature space that is free from excessive amounts of dust and debris. 

When it comes time to clean your signature stamp, gently rinse it under warm water then carefully wipe it clean.

To make sure your custom rubber stamp keeps providing clear and crisp signature impressions, be sure to stock up on the appropriate type of ink replacement. Check out’s selection of stamp resources to find all of the refill ink and ink replacement pads you need for your signature stamp. specializes in providing stamps that make your daily tasks more efficient. From Trodat dater signature stamps to simple pocket signature stamps to initial only signature stamps, there’s a signature stamp that can help you simplify the way you sign. Shop our entire selection of signature stamps to get started.


¹ Legal Issues Regarding Signature Stamps