Welcome to the New & Improved CustomStamps.com

Your favorite online destination for rubber stamps has gotten an upgrade! Welcome to the new and improved CustomStamps.com. We’ve upgraded our selection, taken extra precautions to ensure your information is secure, and revamped our store layout!

CustomStamps.com is now part of HC Brands! We’ve been making rubber stamps since 1954. That’s more than 65 years of service in the stamp business. You can trust us with your business and personal stamp needs. Every member of our devoted stamp production team brings nearly 25 years of experience to the table. Our stamps are made using carefully tuned lasers. Your custom design is etched into stamp rubber with a steep, raised bevel. This results in clean edges and smooth lines to give you the clearest impression of your art or design.

Why Buy from CustomStamps.com?

All our products are made in the USA, and we ship 99% of orders next business day! Lightning fast service like this is unprecedented in the custom stamp business. We have three distribution centers across the US that help us get orders out faster and more efficiently.

Why Use Rubber Stamps?

Buy This Custom Signature StampOur products offer several key features and benefits, but one of the newest benefits of using rubber stamps is that they offer a no contact experience. Signing documents or checks on a regular basis? Signature stamps help you avoid touching pens that everyone has used.

Office personnel can also find convenience and safety with our stock office stamps for common phrases like “signed” or “void.” As America goes back to work after quarantine, our stamps can provide an added layer of protection against germs on common surfaces.

We also offer fun and personalized stamps that can decorate outgoing mail! Our address stamps, monogram stamps and custom art stamps are perfect for making mail pieces, cards, crafts and other paper goods stand out.

Rubber stamps can also get the word out about your small business. Save time and money by stamping your custom logo onto paper bags, takeout boxes, and other paper goods that your customers come in contact with.

Not Sure Which Kind of Stamp You Need? Let Us Help!

We offer the following models of stamps:

Self-inkingBuy This Self-Inking Stamp

Self-inking stamps are our best sellers. This style of stamper features a stamp body that contains the rubber dye and the ink pad. When you go to make an impression of your design, the rubber dye rotates to make contact with the ink pad. Each time you use your stamp, it is refreshed with ink. Self-inking stamps are commonly used in office settings, because they are great for fast, repeated impressions.


Pre-inked stamps are great for very detailed designs. This style of stamp body contains a dye that is pre-soaked with ink. Each time you make an impression, the dye will need time to replenish in order to give you another quality impression of your design. These high-quality stamps are generally used for intricate designs and are not ideal for fast, repeated use.

Hand Stamps

Traditional wooden hand stamps provide years of use, like our other styles of stamps. We offer traditional wood block style stamps, wooden handle stamps and stylish European style stamps. Wood hand stamps do not come with an ink pad. You will need to purchase an additional ink pad. The best part about these stamps is that you can mix up your colors! Buy several different ink pads. (We suggest cleaning the rubber dye before switching colors.)


Embossers are colorless “stamps” that leave an embossed impression in paper. These professional products are commonly used to emboss company logos, seals and other official information onto letterhead and envelopes. We offer several designs for notaries, corporate seals, addresses, logos and libraries. Check them out here!


If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Focus Team. To get started shopping our new store, use coupon code CustomStamps15 for 15% off your order.


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