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Office Paid Stamps

We carry a wide selection of paid stamp rubber stampers, from traditional hand-powered paid stamp stampers, designed to be used with an ink pad, to self-inking paid stamp stampers in a variety of ink colors. Accuracy and quality guaranteed! All of our paid stamps are hand made in the USA. All orders ship within 2 business days. Choose your favorite design below to begin.

Paid Stamp Custom Dater

Sku:  paid-custom-date-stamp
PAID stamp w/ date and custom text under  

Paid stamp with adjustable date and one line of personalized text, such as a division, budget category, or initials. Accountant's choice! The word, "PAID" arching above the date on a foundation of your supplied text. 

Custom Text
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Line 2  
Ink Color
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Base Price: $33.57 in stock


Date stamp information:

  • Date stamps have 12 years on them
  • We guarantee each dater has at least 10 years (ie. if it's 2011 and your new dater includes 2010 it still has 11 years on it)

Standard v. PRO Model Comparison

This date paid stamp is available in standard and Pro models. Standard lightweight models are suited best for indoor office use. Pro date paid stamp models are heavy duty and will endure less forgiving environments.

Here is a guide for sizing of available date paid stamp choices:

Date Stamp Size and Styles


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