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Custom Date Stamps

Easily date stamp all of your important documentation with a custom dater rubber stamp. Each comes with several years worth of dates. We offer several styles to choose from to help you speed up your office paperwork. All orders ship within 2 business days. Choose your favorite design below to begin.

Custom Dater

Sku:  dater-2-2
Dater stamp w/ 4 lines of custom text  

Custom dater stamp with space for your custom text above and below the date impression. Custom text date stamp number rotates to last for over 10 years! A great investment for your office, order yours today! 

Line 1  
Line 2  
Line 3  
Line 4  
Ink Color

Base Price: $32.97 in stock

  • Custom text date stamps have 12 years on them
  • Each custom text date stamp is guaranteed to have 10 years available at minimum
Date stamp office models
Date stamp PRO models

Color options

Our date stamps are available in several color options. The most commonly preffered choices have the date in red with either blue or black surrounding text.

Dater ink colors

Stamp specifications

Date stamp
  • Office model casing: Red
  • Pro model casing: Black
  • Impression sizes:
    • M - OFFICE - 1.2" x 2"
    • L - OFFICE - 1.63" x 2.38"
    • M - PRO - 1.13" x 2"
    • L - PRO - 1.38" x 2.25"
    • XL - PRO - 2" x 2.75"


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