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Custom Return Address Stamps

Return address stamps are superior to personalized address labels and can be stamped onto mail with ease. Impress your contacts with a high-quality, custom address stamp. Creating yours is as easy as choosing a design below and entering your address information. Stamps ship within 2 business days.

QRC Address Stamp

Address stamp w/ QRC code graphic left of text  

Stamp features a QR code (leading to your web site's virtual address) in a crisp, clean impression to the left of your 4-line physical address. Available in traditional and self-inking stamp models. 

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Base Price: $24.97 in stock


QR Code

With the proliferation of free mobile phone apps such as "QRReader" for the iPhone, QR (Quick Response) codes have become the quickest way to give potential clients a link to your website, online brochure, or catalog. Simply stamp this code (containing a web address) in a convenient location for your client and all they need to do is point their mobile phone camera at it and the app will take them immediately to your online content.

We will Generate a Custom QR Code for You

To purchase a custom QR Code stamp, enter the web address (URL) of the web page you want coded into the "Web Page Address" box above. We will use that code to manufacture a custom stamp that will allow your web page to be pulled up instantly with a QR code-reading app.


Self-inking QR Stamp

Self-inking QR Code stamps are available in black, blue, purple, green or brown. If you have any questions contact us, we're here to help!


Traditional QR Stamp

Traditional hand stamps do not include a stamp pad. If you have any questions contact us, we're here to help!



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